Rental Criteria

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  • Vizor Realty does not accept comprehensive re-usable tenant screening reports.
  • We cannot process your application until the online form has been completed and the application fee is paid.   This includes sending your pay stubs, copy of driver’s license and any other document requested such as bank statements.
  • Upon approval of your application you have one business day to bring in your holding fee.  We cannot reserve a property until the holding fee is paid and the Holding Fee Agreement is signed.
  • When processing your application, the following information may be accessed: Credit history, Multistate Criminal database search* (except Seattle), Sex offender Status, county criminal, viction history, public records, employment and residential history.
  • Tenant must view property prior to screening unless they are out of state.

When evaluating your consumer report tenant screening report, the following may result in the denial of your application.

Credit History

  • Civil Judgments unpaid
  • Tax Liens unpaid
  • Outstanding collections for rentals, utilities or other areas
  • Bankruptcy or foreclosures
  • Negative or late payment history
  • Lack of credit history

Public Records

  • History of criminal behavior that may negatively affect tenancy, sex-related offenses, theft, robbery, assault, active warrants and others.
  • Eviction history

Rental History

  • Lack of 24 months of continuous, positive rental history
  • Negative and/or incomplete rental references
  • No Rental History

Employment History & Income

  • Lack of proper documentation proving adequate income to pay rent. The combined household income needs to be 3.0 times the rent amount
  • Lack of 12 months of continuous employment history
  • Non-verified employment

Applicants to provide

  • State issued driver's license or ID card
  • most recent check stub with year to date earnings
  • Self Employed – Tax Returns for last two years
  • Retired – Copies of Deposit slips, Investment Earnings Documentation, Social Security Earnings Documentation, Bank Deposit History
  • Additional Income – Documents proving Child Support, Trust Funds, Bank Deposit History

Each applicant must qualify

If the social security number or the individual tax identification number provided is not correct or is invalid, your application will be denied.

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